Sacred Fire  

Sacred fire is man's original spiritual metaphor for security.
Sacred fire is God's creative energy. It is given in order that man's imagination can envision the unseen reality of God. You are a steward of this ancient gift. Yet, sacred fire forever remains his perogative. No one should use sacred fire to reimagine God. Sacred fire reimagines man.  Sacred fire has very unique nonphysical properties. God's fire purifies, eliminates, creates and guides the inner life. Sacred fire purifies the imagination of the inner man. The fire eliminates the competition of personal lies and illusions. God's fire is a guide in times of great personal darkness. The Fire Thief is a personality type. Ambitious and self-willed. The Fire Thief views divine fire as a tool to be used to imagine a world for personal gain. The Fire Thief's mad ambition is to subvert the moral order of the universe. The Thief installs his personal will and ambition at the center of a counterfeit universe. Thus, the Fire Thief attempts to steal from God's jurisdiction this precious commodity known "individual reality." This is the crime of the century; the ambitious attempt to create a reality wherein human will is paramount above the will of God.