The Fire Thief steals fire from God. The Thief uses this creative energy to imagine a world of his own. Therefore, the Thief is destined to be burned by a power that The Thief cannot understand. Yet, in strange fashion, the only sure way The Thief  will learn to respect and honor God's sacred fire, is to experience first-hand the consequences of playing with this kind of fire.
The journey of your soul through time is a series of stories. The Fire Thief wishes to control the story. This vain ambition creates an alternate reality. This is the illusion of control. The Fire Thief makes himself the measure of all things, and The Thief chooses what is good or bad, right or wrong.
The Fire Thief is the human ego. The ego plays with sacred fire when it executes a plan without conferring with heaven, when it thumbs its nose at the principal of selfless motives and when it uses the things of God as stepping stones for personal power.