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"Soul is journey. Journey is soul. Anyone wishing to untie the knottedness in their quest for grace and love, must wake up to the intelligence of divine grace and love. There are knots that the human intellect cannot untie, only make."  kdm

"Soulwerk can be a remedy for those minds who once expected that God only worked in straight lines."  kdm


"There are certain spiritual truths that will not forget you. They will follow you. They will hound you. They will even aggravate you. This is how God penetrates your inner walls of planned forgetfulness."    kdm

"No one becomes soulful by merely reading books. You are a soul. You are the book. God reads you."    kdm

When you are alone, no one judges you but you.  kdm

"So what? What if you catch the big fish. But you have no way to cook it? So what?"  kdm

"A life that plays it safe will always lack a certain nobility that is only delivered through risk." kdm

"Are you an overly flawed individual, or are you overly focused on your flaws?" kdm


A.S.D. – "a condition of personal boredom that is addressed in the course of Soulwerk." A.S.D. is; Arrested Spiritual Development.  kdm
"No one can avoid reaching their breaking point. But you can discover a life on the other side of it."  kdm
Healing; "the unspeakable sense of feeling that there is absolutely nothing in you to fix."  kdm


"You have a soul-clock. Let your soul govern the hours of the day." kdm

"A little bloodletting belongs to the nature of pursuing one’s curiosity of the holy. Those who are invested in their own failed kind of sorcery, must bleed. For, bleeding is the coursework, for leaving off with one dream, only to embrace one that is more true. When one vision of the future fails, one bleeds. The fresh blood of failure, seeds a more true sense of vision."   kdm



"Burn well. Soulful individuals burn well. Does the wood tell the fire how to burn? Or, does the fire tell the wood what it will become? Burn well. Miracles are always found among the ashes of personal fires." kdm
"Grace and forgiveness can set you free from an intolerable obligation to repeat and rehearse your inner problems." kdm



"Do you hope to prevent your problems by contemplating and studying them? In Soulwerk, you don’t contemplate your problems. You befriend your solutions instead."   kdm


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