"Realizing that Serendipity isn't necessarily some HUGE happening although it can be-but that it occurs at the slightest of moments -like waking up in the morning and KNOWING that the day is going to be good-without actually planning on it or knowing the details...


My AHA moment when I realized how I would look before the Lord when I lose my body and become Spiritual Energy!"


My 'aha' moment is a pre-sign and post-sign.


I grew up on a farm in Oklahoma.  Farm kids all learned to drive at early ages.  When I was 6 years old I was asked to help out.  There were two vehicles that needed to go from my grandparents house to my parents house which was 4 miles away.  I was given the choice of driving the grain truck or the motorcycle.  I thought about it and knew there was no way for me to drive the truck.  While I could shift the gears there was no way I could see over the steering wheel and shift the gears at the same time so I picked the motorcycle.


Now I had driven the motorcycle many times but this time it would be by myself for a long distance.  It was a cloudy day and I remember waving to my dad who was farming a field close to my grandparents.  The accident was about a mile from this field.


I remember opening my eyes in the emergency room.  The light was so bright that is was blinding me.  It was so bright it hurt my eyes.  In front of this light I saw the doctor and my mom talking.  Their backs were towards me.  As they turned around to look at me I heard the doctor say, "We don't know if she will ever wake up." 


At that point I closed my eyes and said, "I am not done listening.  I want to hear more."  The bright light disappeared, and my mom and the doctor were gone.


About 10 years ago I realized a couple of things.  First of all, it was a cloudy day.  The emergency room was on the north side of the hospital.  There was no way a bright light would be coming through the window.  And the light was much brighter than the sun would be at dusk.  I asked my mom how old our doctor was at the time of the accident.   He was an older doctor with graying hair.  The man I saw was a young man who appeared to be in his early twenties.  I know the man I saw was my Guardian angel.


I feel this was a sign to me that I need to be witnessing to others. I have seen the light.  I know there is a God.


 My next experience happened less than a year ago.  I received a call from my son telling me that he had fallen outside and hit his head.  He needed me to come.  He was going to try to crawl to the house to get inside.


I drove the 60 miles to his house to find him laying on the kitchen floor.  I was glad he had made it into the house. I helped get him up and into my car.  Not an easy feat as he is my size and he didn't have enough strength to help. 


As we were driving back to Denver he had laid the front seat back and was resting.  All at once he sat up and said, "where is he?"  I asked who he was looking for and he said, "grandpa."  Now I was concerned as all of the grandpa's are deceased. 


So I asked which grandpa? He replied,"Grandpa George."  Grandpa George passed away when my son was 3 years old.  I told him Grandpa George had passed away 30 years ago.  He kept telling me that grandpa was just here. 


My son laid back down and it wasn't long before he sat up again and once again he asked "Where is Grandpa George." I told him again that he had passed away years ago.  This time he said, "No.  We were in his red pickup driving around."  He told me about the red pickup and the places grandpa had taken him.


He laid back down and it wasn't long before he shot up.  This time he said, "Why won't Grandpa let me through the door.  He keeps telling me I have to go back.  Why can't I go in?"


I told him it wasn't his time.


Gaylene Patterson


Jo Brennan - "Many years ago I had a chance to help some ladies.  At the time I called it a coincidence, now I believe it was a miracle.  I'd love to share this story.


One afternoon I was driving north on Federal.  I was going about 45 miles an hour.  I happened to glance to my right and notice two elderly women on the side of the road, in a parking lot.  To notice them wouldn't have been that big of a deal had I not been traveling so fast and glancing across four lanes of traffic.  With that glance, it registered that one was sitting on the seat of a walker, the other standing next to her.


There was a voice that said, "You should check to see if they're okay."  So I changed lanes, got to the next intersection, did a u turn, and pulled up next to the elderly ladies. 


I asked them if they were okay, and they quickly said no.  They had inadvertently got on the wrong bus, got off at the wrong stop, was trying to go to the grocery store, and could no longer walk. 


The place that they had stopped was a section of road that had a slight incline and it had ben too much for them and they didn't know what to do.


I put them in my car, offered to take them to the store and then take them beck to their assisted living home.


As I reflect on this story with new eyes, I believe it was yet one more miracle.  I'm not sure if it was a miracle of answering their prayer asking for help, or if I needed to change my direction for unknown reasons, or some other reasons I don't need to understand.  I just feel truly blessed to have that memory."


"I am a very rational soul.  I never do anything unless I understand what the purpose is and why I am doing it.  I am a very analytical soul.  My GRE scores and GPA prove it.  Both have served me well in school and in meeting my career goals.....I thought.  My occupation as a PT requires me to "analyze" in order to diagnose.  However, some of my best mentors when teaching me palpation and treatment techniques have told me "you need to stop thinking so hard about what you are feeling and just allow yourself to feel it.   WHAT????  Hmmmm so I have to use the right side of my brain as well???  Practicing this has made me a better clinician and I now realize that  I need to practice this in my spiritual journey as well.  My biggest "AHA" and growth during the school for the soul was being OK with not understanding everything.  I just need to keep listening physically and spiritually.  By doing this I am hoping to see signs.  I have always been a "straight A" student.  I promise to give myself grace if I am not a "straight A" student in this. I will not judge or grade myself.  I will trust that if I stay open and follow my heart, everything will be OK.


Thank you for being part of this process!


Pam  (Owner of MountainStatesPhysicalTherapy.)

"Two years ago Denise and I were snowshoeing at Snow Mountain ranch. At various trail markers they had placed one of the Beatitudes.  Some were missing or to weathered to read, so on the drive home, we looked them up and discussed their meanings..several of which we didn't understand.  Of course applying SoulWerk Rule #15. I never remembered to ask you about it and then on Tuesday, those questions were explained. Everything in God's time."   - Kelli Anderson 

Pastor Miller, this is Gail.

"You've heard my story before. I still believe it was an angel that I heard. 


Many problems came out of the Vietnam War, & these problems didn't bypass Ed. For many years he suffered from PTSD, I often referred to him as Jekyll & Hyde, because he could turn on a dime from one to the other.  Life was pretty rough

sometimes, & I often wondered if we were going to make it.  One evening I was puttering in the kitchen when I heard a whisper

in my ear - basically I was told that if I stayed with Ed I wouldn't regret it. What an odd feeling that was!  But I knew I heard it. t gave me hope that things would settle down one day, but it didn't happen right away. However, it did finally happen. I didn't know if I should write this, but Ed told me to go ahead.  That was my ah-ha moment."


"One of my most memorable and vivid moments of a sign from above was when my dad passed away more than 20 years ago. 


I was at his hospital bedside and I know the moment he passed because his spirit was lifted. It was such an overwhelming feeling and hard to describe. It took me by surprise, but felt so real that I could have reached out and touched the feeling." 


I enjoyed Tuesday and look forward to the next. 


Thank you for all you do!



"I have learned that my need to be in control is just a symptom of my internal sickness. I have tried to maintain equilibrium by being in control . As I have surrendered ( loosing my control so He can control) that is when I have learned He can fill my cup and I just allow the "River of life " to flow through me. My aha moment is learning signs regulate the flow . Signs fill my cup. My lowered resistance (through surrender) increases the slope and there is a faster flow on my slide.  

         - Tina  (soulmate to kdm)


Jo Brennan - "In reflecting about our last two sessions, I start by tying our previous class about lessons and repeated lessons. With that learning, I see that when God speaks to me, at times, it is to guide me in learning the lessons that I need to understand.  That is one of my aha moments...The other is the concept of 99%.  Prior to tonight, 99% would be great, now it allowed me to see that concept with new eyes."