The Quiet  

Digestion is a delicate process.
Deep Listening prayer taps into a divine order and releases the nutritional value in God's presence. 
Once you swallow your bite of food, you give very little interest in the digestive process. Spiritual digestion is a unique process in that you are constantly engaged. Taking to heart, the things that you hear revealed  to you in The Quiet, inspires the mental life.
In a world of noise and 3 minute soundbites, the value of The Quiet gets overlooked. You can forget the rules of proper etiquette when approaching The Quiet.
In The Quiet, you cease from your labors. In The Quiet there is nothing for you to fix. Just receive his presence.
Gourmet Prayers require attention to small details and vital ingredients. No two prayers are alike. Each is unique . Yet, there is a short list of perennial ingredients. 
Gourmet Prayers are handcrafted in the kitchen of The Quiet. 
There are four traditional ingredients to the art of extracting the full potency of The Quiet.
Time. Do not watch the clock when you enter The Quiet. 
Selfless. Do not be self-concious while you are in The Quiet.
Humble. The feeling of gratitude induces you to let go and trust.
Memory. In The Quiet, your memories are touched and imbued with healing grace and love.