Talking Prayer

Congratulations! You are well on your way to master the art of talking prayer.


The most fundamental entry point into the kitchen of prayer is talking prayer. Your apprenticeship here will involve both formal and informal training. At this level you learn to show your respect for right inventory, cleanliness and organization. As in any gourmet kitchen, this fundamental trinity inspires, as well as guides. When the meal is a spiritual conversation with God, the kitchen in the mind is responsible to observe the same protocal.

The five essentials in crafting great gourmet talking prayers are:

~ simply begin to communicate without fear

~ the more simple the words, the more honesty and truth found in them

~ God is never too busy to listen

~ no concern is too small, no problem too big

~ close each prayer with confidence, gratitude and a confident expectation to recieve good from God.


The talking prayer is your first introduction to the wonderful basics of prayer. Once you master the art of finding your words, that express the concerns in your heart zone,  then the next level in your prayer journey is accessable. Maintain the qaulity of your talking prayers by observing the rule; qaulity of ideas above quantity of words. 


Gourmet Prayer uses the divine flow that connects two minds. In flow, healing thoughts and ideas are exchange. Think of flow as an essential ingredient such as salt or basil.