Prayers That Break Ground

Great meals come to the table from good soil.


Great chefs constantly searh for supremely fertile soil. The character of soil that offers to a meal the taste of a forest grove or the sunshine in a cornfield.

The nursery of any plant is the soil. The nursery of prayer is the heart and the mind and how they relate to divine love.


There is soil in every Gourmet Prayer. Soul-soil is the source and every Gourmet Prayer breaks ground in new soil.

There are corners in the garden of your mind that have yet to be cultivated. You can liberate one of those corners. Go on a journey. Unleash the unused nutrients imbedded in that soul-soil.

You are a creature of habit. You tend to eat the same foods. You pray the same thoughts. The life of prayer can be monotonous and suffer from a lack of versatility. God did not create just one vegetable. He created an abundance of variety.  


Prayers that break ground are creative excursions. They find new soil. Inspirational reading. Meditation. Introspection. These simple exercises are the explorers of the innerlife. 


The journey of your soul through time will require episodes of liberation from the mundane, the prepackaged, the reprocessed, the bland and unappealing. Gourmet Prayer crafts an enthusiastic devotion to a steady diet of liberation in every area of living. Steady acts of liberation will require the strategic cultivation of a new palate. Therefore, Gourmet Prayer will mean breaking new ground by exploring the unused corners in your mind.