Listening Prayer

Listening Prayer is an exotic fusion of your core values and your appetite for a sense of direction.

In talking prayer, you rank your core values and then set them in the mold of a controlled conversation. In the act of talking prayer, your mind creates and controls your sense of direction.

Listening prayer is more free style in nature. The issue of control is less valued. The sensation of receiving new thoughts is prized above that of giving out information. The center of your mind's attention shifts. It shifts away from the act of sending information heavenward. The new center feels more relaxed. You feel as if you are more like a student, than a teacher. Information being shuttled earthward elevates the sense of having a real dialogue.


Talking prayer can be likened to meal that you create and then you serve to God. Listening prayer is exotic in that listening prayer reverses the process. Imagine the creative artistry of the divine mind. Imagine that his mind of wisdom and love is crafting a gourmet meal for you and actually serving it to you.

His particular ingredient is your core values. These are the revelations that you hold most dear and cherish. Core values form the moral compass which grounds your individual relationship to timeless truths.

Listening prayer never introduces something strange and foreign. His meals feed and nourish your connection to know values. Herein lies the renewed sense of direction. Listening prayer causes you to remember something important you once knew but forgot.

The art of listening prayer can continuously grow in popularity within your own mind as you learn to turn off the noise in your head and settled down into the arms of The Quiet.