Entrepreneural Spirituality

One-part magician, one-part artist, one-part technician, one-part scientist, one-part butcher, one-part dish washer, but full-time foodie.

Living your dream in a bustling kitchen is a calling. For those seated in the dining room looking in on the demands of the kitchen, the creative process can seem so romantic. For those who are wearing the white jack and hat, it is work.


Gourmet Prayer asks the question, "Where is the entrepreneural spirit today in the conversation about excellence in matters of prayer?"


Culinary entrepreneureship is increasingly competitive and aggressive. The pressure to finance is everpresent. The pressure to produce, consistently on demand. Be a team player but make snap decisions on a dime. 


Any entrepreneura will tell you that no one just gives it to you. You take it. You work at it. You sacrifice for it.


What can Gourmet Prayer glean from competitive cooking?


Here are four suggestions to ponder.


Your prayer life is yours, and yours alone. No other "pray-er" will craft a prayer exactly in the same way that you will. Celebrate your uniqueness, your individual calling and your ability to influence your world by being yourself. Take pride in your prayer life.


Your prayer life should adhere to the finest ingredients and proven methods. Shortcuts and compromises sooner or later spoil your experience.


When you pray, you purposely work less, not harder. Here, the line between business and spirituality is the starkest. Spirituality is a competition-free zone. Too much focus on self, while you are at prayer, and you will unintentionally adopt the role of a performer or actor. 

Finally, dedication, experiementation and time, produce unforeseen creations that will fire the imagination, and take you beyond your self-imposed limitations.