God's Tastebuds

If God were to prepare you a meal, where would he forage to gather his favored ingredients?


Few examples can be paired in the mind that express a practical answer to this question. How can the food science behind human food be so enlarged to absorb all of the extraordinary properties of spiritual food?

Fine dining will play out sometimes family style - such as pubic worship - but there are private eatings where single servings are consumed in private space. Gourmet Prayer explores the art of crafting great conversations with God in those special private dining areas.


A commitment to prayer excellence will lead you to an encounter with the phenomenal question, “What does he want to talk about, to you?” The delight of praying increasingly leads you to invite God to share with you what is on his mind. This is good table manners. Let the ultimate chef of the universe choose something off the menu and prepare it just for you.  

You have favorite tastes and food combinations. What shapes the taste buds of God? Does he have favorite conversations? What themes suggest his choice topics?

Sharing a meal expresses the philosophy that there are traditions that dispense elusiveness, superficiality and shadowiness. What if you incorporated this philosophy?