The city is a spiritual metaphor. It symbolizes the known, the secure, the assumed, the convenience of machines and the robotic routines that offer you a comfort zone. The desert is a spiritual metaphor that operates like a counterbalance to the city of man made things. The city as metaphor is a tribute to man's unique ability to subdue his world and make it serve him. Therefore the symbol of the city represents the attitude that man and his machines can hold back the wildness of the universe. The city represents any individual who has an inflated sense of power. The city is the individual ego with its diseased addiction to issues of control. The symbol as spiritual metaphor is as old as the story of the Tower of Babbel. In the journey of the soul through time, the ego's power struggle will be assaulted by the wildness of the universe. Illness, job loss, family turmoil and end of life issues are just a few of the masks that the wildness of the universe wears. These episodes of life assault the illusion of human control. Imbedded within the emotional trauma of "things spiraling out of control," the call to leave the city will be heard.