DOING DESERT TIME   There is city time. There is desert time. Man made agendas do not survive long in the desert. In the desert, there is only one agenda. 

Deep listening prayer, introspection, tiny moments of letting go of the past; these are the basic survival skills that you use while adapting to a new agenda for living.


A spiritual desert is designed to purge and strengthen.


An uncompromising grace roams the desert landscape. There is not judgement in the desert. There is no condemnation. In the desert, a divine dialogue manifests. A tender voice begins to narrate the sequence of events that led you into the desert. A plan unfolds. New interpretations emerge. In the city was noise, distraction and confusion. Lost in the quiet of the desert, you gain clarity. 


While doing time in the desert, your ears and eyes adjust and align to an ancient order of things called desert people know as, the will of God.